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    Any possiblity to setup an HA pair of All-in-one appliances.


      Hi Guys,


      Is it possible to make an HA pair of All-in-one appliances. Lack in ability to make an HA pair is one of serveral reason for people to look for alternative. I'm not sure if any reason we shouldn't allow HA pair of All-in-one.

      As far as I know, IPMI cross cabling required to setup HA pair of receivers. Is it possible to use ethernet instead? I understand that it can not be done for now. However, it would be good if we can do that in a future release of software version. Even better if there is virtual IP address for both data source interface & ESM management.

      One more thing, I don't know much aboout IPMI so I'm just curious about benefit of using IPMI over ethernet if any.


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      Parinya Ekparinya