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    Mcafee Internet Security Platform not responding

      I bought a year ago my Mcafee Internet Security 2011 that can protect up to 3 PCs.  Two bundles left since i used one for my laptop last year. And now a year had passed, my subscription has expired.  It's been 10 days when my subscription has expired. And now, Im trying to renew my subscription so I inserted again the CD without uninstalling the old one since it is written in the CD case that : "Note: If you already have a Mcafee product installed on your computer,  we will uninstall it automatically." I believe and as far as i know it will work since i still have 2 bundles left.


      When i inserted the CD, after loading, it asks me to run langsel.exe and ask if im going to allow the program to make changes to my computer and i clicked Yes. While it's loading  a window appeared saying that it stopped working:


      McAfee Integrated Security Platform Installer has stopped working


      A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.




      That's the exact words it appeared. I tried again and again. Remove and insert the CD many times.  I am thinking of uninstalling my mcafee already but then i'm afraid that it will still appear the same and worse, i wont already have antivirus on my computer. At least for now, even it expired, it still helps on my internet security (i guess).




      What should I do? I badly need to renew my subscription. Personally, i am getting afraid of surfing the internet because of different threats today that may infect my laptop. I hope for your favorable and immediate response. Thank you and Godbless.