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    McAfee ePO Login "Inactive Timer" 30 second pop-up


      Upon successfully logging into EPO 4.6.3, within seconds an "Inactivity Warning"  pop-up appears stating that "You have been inactive for a while. You will be logged out in 30 seconds if you do not click Ok. "


      Well, clicking OK, just brings up the same window over and over and obvisouly if you let it count down, I'm then logged out.


      We have determined that it is profile specific as i can successfully log into EPO from an different PC.  Obviously something in my Windows 7 profile is prohibiting me from logging in and staying logged in. 


      WHAT is preventing me from logging in, and where can i delete/modify/rename this file that is messing me up.   I DO NOT want to recreate my profile!



      Thx for the help in advance.