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    High Cpu Usage in Vse for linux 1.7.1


      Hi all


      we have just installed Viruscan Enterprise for Linux 1.7.1 and we have a problem with Hihg cpu usage.

      the scanner process take 100% cpu


      We have  the following operting system :


      Ubuntu 10.04 lucid

      CentOS release 5.7 (Final)


      I set the esclusion as explained in the best pratice user guide but the problem is the same.


      esclusion :













      Vse for linux 1.7.1 28698

      eposrv 4.6.4 build 202


      any idea ?


      thanks Claudio

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          we've had similar issues with VSEL.


          it was an issue with the notifications, which sadly, can't be configured via ePO...


          you need to configure it via the web interface to VSEL..for which you need the creds for the NAILS account...oh wait, the password is created automatically at install when deployed by ePO/agent, and each machine has a different password...


          If it's on one machine, get to the webconsole and try disabling the notifications (mcafee agent will handle getting detections to ePO).


          I like the idea of VSEL, but compared to VSE 8.8, VSEL, or at least the extention, is horribly under developpped.

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            Hi ! We have some troubles with VSE1.7.1. and TOMCAT:

            %CPU increase a max when TOMCAT is started and can't be loaded because scan on-demand is enable and consum a large %CPU

            So can we hope to limted %CPU to limit scan on demand when it's started ?

            Our list of exclusions seems not suffisant  to decrease %CPU

            Can you help me please ? Do you have the same problem? how resolve it ?

            Thank's for your help .