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    How to restore appliance to Factory Default?


      Hi Guys,


      Glad to see a community specific for SIEM. I have so many questions regarding McAfee SIEM (aka Nitro). So please bare with me for tons of questions in near future. Anyway, let me start with the first one.


      Can we restore appliance to its factory default state? If it's possible, how to do it properly?


      I can't find any information in documents.


      Best regards,

      Parinya Ekparinya

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          Chris Boldiston

          Hi Parinya



          It is possible to restore to a factory default but the method depends on the type of hardware that you are using.


          For Gen3, the appliance needs to be re-imaged with an ISO that is only available to McAfee SE's and some authorized resellers. The person would need to come on site to do that.


          If a customer has Gen4 hardware then support can provide an ISO image and the customer can use that to reset it to the factory default.