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    Control Center Push Times


      Hello all!


      I have two HA pairs (both in peer to peer mode) @ 8.2.1P03 managed by the same 5.2.1 Control Center. Both HA pairs have the exact same rule set via a combined device group for all applied rules. The path to both HA pairs is exactly the same other than the end point of the cluster IP for each pair. My question is, the push to one of the pairs takes up to 10-15 mins more than its mirrior cluster. I've checked the external interfaces and both have the same speed and duplex setting hardcoded on the interface. The switch port both are connected to check out fine. I've tested ping responses from the Control Center, and both are right around the same time. I've also verified the heartbeat interface is showing the same speed and duplex on both peers in the slow cluster.  Does anyone have any idea why the one cluster would take so much more time? The heartbeat interface is at auto on both, not sure if thats a suggest method or if I should go ahead and hard set the interface. Thank you for any suggestions!