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    Encryption Issue - Keeps Freezing





      we are trying decrypt a Hard drive but it keeps freezing when it gets to anywhere between 5 to 20 percent.


      scenario is: one of the senior members has spilled a coffee on their laptop but we managed to salvage the hard drive, Hard Drive has been encrypted with:


      Safeboot V 5.1.3


      Lenovo X200 Laptop.


      i have moved the hard drive into another working X200 and ran Int13 but it won’t boot up, not even in safe mode,  keeps  giving Blue Screen. Now in order to access the data we need to decrypt it.


      when i try to decrypt it starts ok but freezes anywhere between 5-20 percent.


      another thing we noticed every time i re-initiate the Decryption process the remaining time keeps getting reduced aswell.


      any input would be greatly appreciated or even if you know or have used a 3rd party who specialises in recovering data plz advise.