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    Cannot install EPO

      I have had to uninstall EPO 4.6 from a server running 2008 R2.  I uninstalled using REVO Uninstaller.  Rebooted.  Tried to install, and it instead asked me to UNINSTALL.  This then failed with the following error:  "Setup was unable to read the add/remove programs entry for Mcafee epo and cannot continue.  Verify that the program is install [sic] correctly and that you have this entry before you continue."

      I have gone through the registry, deleted every mention of mcafee and network associates.  Rebooted several times.  No joy. 


      I have also run two different Mcafee removal tools.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated



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          The ePO installer is a complex beast, uninstall through add/remove programs is actually preferred believe it or not.

          Still, that does not help you now and i'm afraid from the way it's described the issue is well & truly wedged.


          Your best best at this point is to walk through McAfee support article: KB66586 - How to manually remove ePO 4.5 / 4.6





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            Hi Rob.  Thanks for that.  I have already done all that.  Stripped out the registry, deleted files, etc.

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              I'm afraid if you've followed that kb instruction completely it's wedged beyond the ability to clean up.

              By all means open a support call but you may be staring in the face of using a different server or an OS rebuild.





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