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    comcast guard service alert

      Comcast is my ISP in the. No. Calif,. East bay area.  Within the past few days Comcast has sent an e-mail, as above entitled, and advising that one or more of my computers ( I have 2  connected to Comcast ) may be infected with a " bot ".  That e-mail then strongly recommends that I take action to remove malicious software from my computers... press a red " Take action  now " button... and then it appears that I am provided with an option to install the Norten Security program.


      First, to date I am satisfied with the McAfee security program to which I have subscribed for at least the past few years.  Second, if there is such a  "bot " malicious software program that has invaded one or the other of my 2 computers... then why has that not been brought to my attention by your McAfee security suite?And, third... if the Comcast  "Service Alert " is indeed not legitimate... then why has my McAfee security program not so advised???  For example, should I, and however many other existing McAfee security program subscribers just toss in the sponge and gravitate to the Norten security suite alternative offered by Comcast???   Very confusing indeed.