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    McAfee Agent 4.6.1 won't install with /silent switch


      This is odd.


      Don't know if it's a stupid Windows 7 thing or a MA 4.6.1 thing.


      On Windows XP, we have the older agent (4.5 patch 3) that installs fine via a .bat file with a :

      framepkg.exe /silent


      But if we try to use the MA 4.6.1 agent to install silently on Windows 7 it fails


      It installs fine WITHOUT the silent switch, but if you run it with a /silent

      nothing happens (and I don't mean nothing like it's silent, I mean IT WON'T INSTALL)


      The framepkg.exe /?



      SAYS that /Silent is a valid switch, as does the 4.6 docs (/S or /SILENT)