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    McAfee Firewall Blocks Internet Connection


      While I see a bunch of posts about this, none of these seem to solve my problem. 


      As many have already expressed, my McAfee Firewall has blocked my internet connection.  While it says I am connected to my wireless network at home, it says "No Internet Connection" and won't allow me to browse any web pages.


      I attempted to change the settings on my Firewall after this occured, but McAfee wouldn't allow me to go into the Firewall settings on my computer- it literally just wouldn't load everytime I would click on Firewall settings.  On my phone, I saw tips to uninstall the program.  I uninstalled McAfee last week because of this, yet still, everytime I run a diagnosis of why I can't connect to my wireless network, it says that McAfee Firewall is still blocking my connection.  How could this be possible if I've uninstalled?  I've seen on other tips that I can download and run a McAfee Remover program, yet this proves to be an issue when I can't get any connection to the internet to do this.  I've even gone online to my McAfee account and removed my PC from being protected to see if this would solve an issue, but my internet still will not connect due to McAfee Firewall.  At this point I have exhausted all options that I've seen out there, such as restarting in safe mode, etc.  I can't do much when my internet connection is still being blocked.


      Remedies and solutions anyone?

      Thanks for the help.