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    McAfee not Running

      Why is my McAfee Security Scan telling me I am not connected to the internet when I am connected?

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          McAfee Security Scan is not actually a Security Program, but it will be great if you attach the screen shot of the message so that I can check on this issue. Thanks,

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            I am sure there is a way to copy it but I do not know how.  It says "We cannot check your security status now because your PC is not connected to the internet or the McAfee Security Scan is termorarily unabailable.  Please connect to the Internet or click Retry, or try again later".  You then have the two buttons to either retry or cancel. 


            I have McAfee Security Plan Plus.ink that was created on 1/31/2012.

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              What is the security program you are using , McAfee or any other security program ?

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                Please don't give up on me.  My husband gets home in about 2 hours and I'd like for him to answer this for me.  He knows more about our laptop than I do.  I do appreciate your trying to help me and I thank you.

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                  No problem, if you have any security programs better you can remove this McAfee Security scan plus from the machine, because it will not provide security to your computer. You can remove it from the control panel by going into the Start option.


                  McAfee security scan plus is a free program you can get it from some downloads like Java. Adobe.