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    HIPS v7 and Watchguard VPN client


      Present scenario:
      ePO 3.61
      ePO agent 4.0
      VirusScan 8.5i on all computers and laptops
      HIPS v6 on laptops

      Testing for future:
      Upgrade to ePO 4.0
      HIPS v7 on laptops

      We have found during our tests of HIPS v7 that our Watchguard VPN client is blocked, I have seen posts stating that McAfee have only tested some VPN clients for HIP v7 and not all. I think this is wrong, how can I get around this problem. McAfee don't seem to have the solution except saying use the VPN clients we have tested, but on HIPS v6 the VPN client was fine. I have over 400 laptops out there to protect.