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    McAfee Antivirus - 1 license or 2 licenses

      I just got off the phone with Technical Support and I think I thoroughly confused the rep.  I admit my question is not easy, so I understand why he is confused since he didn't know what a virtual machine is.


      I have a Mac Mini which normally is booted in Mac OS X.  I don't need McAfee Antivirus under Mac OS X.

      I have the same machine setup with Dual Boot with Windows 7 in another partition.  I have McAfee Antivirus running on this Windows partition when it is booted with 1 license.


      I also have VirtualBox running under Mac OS X (Oracle free virtual machine hypervisor).  Under VirtualBox I run Windows 7 with McAfee Antivirus with another license.


      I never run both Windows environments at the same time (I cannot with this setup).


      Since this is all happening on the same machine and I never have both running at the same time, I believe this should be 1 license for both installs of McAfee Antivirus.  What is the McAfee policy for this?  1 license or 2 licenses.

      At this time this config is taking up 2 licenses on my account but I need the extra license for another PC.  If the answer is 1 license, how do I repoint one of them to the other's license.


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          Peter M

          I think it's 2 but Technical Support are not the people to ask to be sure, Customer Service are and they are a free phone call away.  Click the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.   By the way, your MAC OS should be protected.  MAC's aren't virus-proof.  (There are suites designed for all appliances, PC, MAC, Mobile and Tablet and one, All Access, which covers all of them).





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            Thanks.  I tried Customer Service a few weeks ago and the rep I talked to didn't know what I was talking about regarding Virtual Machines.  Maybe I will try CS again today. 


            Agree on the comment of Mac OS X needing anti-virus.  I just said I don't need McAfee for that.  At one point I don't think it was worth anti-virus on Mac since there wasn't enough trouble makers out there on Mac but it's time has come over the last few years.

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              Peter M

              Yes the word Virtual probably just went over his/her head.  It's regarded as another machine anyway.    Fortunately for MAC users malware writers tend to concentrate where they can effect the most people, Windows, but there are are some notable infections out there that have hit MAC's.   It's up to you of course what you do about that.