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    EETech (standalone) bootable disk


      THe instructions for creating a standalone EEtech bootable cd from the EEPC_620_eetech_user_guide_en-us states:


      • For a bootable CD:

      1 Extract EETech.zip and place the Standalone folder in the desired location.

      2 Insert the CD.

      3 Point to the Standalone folder from the command prompt.

      4 Run the command Bootdisk.exe EETech.RTB <filename>.dsk from the command prompt.

      5 Copy <filename>.dsk into the bootable CD (with bootable option selected) and burn it. The

      bootable CD is created.

      Make sure that you select the Bootable option.


      My cd burning software (cdburnerXP ) would like me to browse to the specific boot image file. 

      Can I get some clarification on what specific boot image I should be selecting?


      It seems I have several options.. http://cdburnerxp.se/help/Data/bootdisc


      I have tried using a non driver dos bootable disk but it just boots into A:..


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