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    Intermitent DBAccessError after upgrade to NSM 7.1


      So we upgraded our appliance to Windows 2008 R2 & NSM using the provided upgrade package from McAfee.  Everything was working fine for about a week then all of a sudden the system stopped recording alerts and logged the following Critical event and it keeps logging it each time it tries to log a High event.



      Fault Type:Alert save failed
      Condition Type:DBAccessError
      Alarm Type:Management
      Last Occurrence Time:2012-Nov-07 09:12:10 EST
      Additional Text:The Manager was unable to access the alert tables in the database. Error Message: No value specified for parameter 52.
      Creation Time:2012-Nov-04 00:27:30 EDT



      At first I thought it was the scripts that massage the data if you have over a million records so I exported the Configuration Only tables and then uninstalled NSM 7.1, installed a fresh copy, and then imported the Config Data and everything works fine for a day or two then it throws the error again and stops logging alerts.  Restarting all of the NSM services seems to clear it out for a while but then it just comes back again.


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