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    Mcafee IPS Intrushield

      Dear All,

      It is my first post here in this forum. I looked into the forum to find Mcafee IPS forum but could not fine only find this IDP forum

      Now I have question regarding Mcafee Intrushield 1400. is there any special console cable for Mcafee Intrushiled Devices. I have DB9 to DB9 console cable which is working just fine with Other devices then Mcafee IPS 1400. Unfortunately i don't have the cable that comes with the box. I will be help if someone can guide.

      Can any one point me on that?

      (I am afraid that if Console is not working then the Mcafee IPS will be useless)

      I did research and got a feel that Mcafee IPS is a good product to have but strange for me that there is no separate forum for it.

      Thanks in advance
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          i recently had to do some work myself on our 1400 and the console cable appears to be proprietary.

          i first heard this from the mcafee tech i spoke with. i relayed this to my mcafee rep/sales to acquire a few cables to keep with the IPS boxes, and he said he had never heard of that, and as far as he knew it was a regular 9 pin console cable. he also said he conferred with the intrushield team and they said it was not proprietary?..

          in any case, i tried with two different console cables i had here without success, both of which i have verified are working.

          i finally got mcafee to mail me a console cable and that cable worked without issue. it looks as plain as can be. it came in a package labeled 'computer cable' with no mcafee markings whatsoever - but it worked.
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            After trying 3 console cables I got it working thank GOD. Yes your Mcafee Account Manager and Mcafee Team is correct it is usual 9 pin console cable but NOT ALL usual 9 pin console cables worked. It seems to me that Mcafee 1400 is having some issue with it's Console port becasue it was also showing me strange language in the start but now it is working fine.

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