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    Unmanaged computers - why ?


      In my environment I have about 500 client computers running VSE8.8 and MA 4.6. I have also ePO server version 4.6.2.

      About 50 computers shows in ePO console as unmanaged. But when I mark one of problematic computers and click
      Actions --> Agent --> Show Agent log I can see that this computer is contacting ePO server without issues, updating

      from it an getting policies also.


      I thought it may ce correlated to agent GUID duplication so I've reinstalled MA using /forceinstall switch - to have new

      regenerated GUID (also from ePO using force installation over existing version) but with no luck.

      Still the same situation. Tried this on about 10 machines without success.


      Can anyone guide me what to do next to solve this issue?