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    Where can I download the UDLP (host) extension?




      To request your help with the following problem:

      I am not able to find UDLP extension download link, in my product downloads sections with my grant, neither in the Support Portal.


      Does anyone can guide me on how to get the UDLP (host) extension?


      Thanks in advance.

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          You mean HDLP (host data leakage prevention) ? If you can't see it under the downloads section, then your grant number is not valid for that product. You might want to contact your McAfee reseller and ask them to update it?

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            Safeboot:  He probably really does mean UDLP --  Unified  DLP extensions that promises to unify host and network DLP policies and make them both manageable on a DLP Manage device, which (while swell in theory) in reality I never got to work, the McAfee Quickstart people wouldn't touch it unless you gave them an 11 foot "best effort" pole and when I called NDLP support seeking for some help on the last bit of the UDLP configuration in the ePO shim, and they acted like I had two heads for wanting to do the UDLP that I was sold.    Not that I'm bitter, mind you.  :-)


            Much wailing and gnashing of teeth later... we decided to go with not doing unified since different internal parts of McAfee really couldn't agree on whether it's supported or a right way to go forward, and apparently after 9.2, the look of unified DLP will be rather different and possibly move entirely to ePO management.  




            I too experienced  a tremendous PITA trying to chase down the UDLP extension package.


            I may have ended up rattling either my sales engineer and/or support until someone provided me the extension on some ftp site.    The filename I have here is an 86MB package UnifiedDLPExtension92_HF5.zip   and it seems I had gotten it on 3/16/2012 if that helps narrow the search any.


            I threw a ceremonial 3 minutes and trying to find it on the mcafee product download page, and I couldn't find it quickly despite my very valid grant number.   I do explicitly remember finding it being one of the many things in my DLP deployment that were quite unenjoyable.


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              could you put this file UnifiedDLPExtension92_HF5.zip on  internet file share  pleas ?

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                The most recent version is HDLP_Extension_9_3_1_4.zip


                I found a copy of it under the McAfee product download page of the NDLP Management console v9.3.3