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    Post EPO 4.6 Patch 4 small problems and observations


      Hello all, I am just posting this to see if others have the same problem/observations or ones that I have not observed yet :


      Since upgrading to EPO 4.6 Patch 4, I have observerd the following:


      1. Drag and drop is much, much slower than previously, I tried Firefox and IE 9. When trying to move more than 30 computers from one group to another.
      2. Previously, if you run a pull dats then a replicate, the replicate would show waiting until completed

                The pull and replicate was successful. Perhaps it no longer records the waiting but the replication task does wait until the pull is complete. Not really a problem if intentional.

          3   When selecting view agent log, a window opens but tries to enter FQDN … example http://computername.domain.com:8081/

                instead of IPaddress as previous to the patch. This works for computers on a domain but most of our computers on workgroups with no DNS entries.

          4   They changed the colors (as documented). It would be nice to be able to customize this. (future versions).  

          5   EPO sync domain function had credentials saved. It appears they were not saved…re-entered still testing.


      Item 1 is the biggest pain.