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    MWG 7.2/7.3 Media Typ Filtering CRL/OCSP Requests


      Dear Community


      Setup: Media Type Filtering with default Rules --> Block undetectable Data: Property List.OfMediaType.IsEmpty (MediaType.EnsuredTypes) == true


      Looks like OCSP/CRLs requets are dropped with this rule for example:

      |403|POST http://ocsp.thawte.com HTTP/1.1|Business, Software/Hardware|Minimal Risk||3287|353|Mozilla/4.0 (Windows 7 6.1) Java/1.7.0_09||20||ocsp.thawte.com


      This issues seems to be with all OCSP/CRL Requests to Thawte or Verisign URLs. Any other idea to solve this problem other then whitelisting these requests?


      Working Bypass Log Entry:

      200|POST http://ocsp.thawte.com HTTP/1.1|Business, Software/Hardware|Minimal Risk|application/ocsp-response|1605|353|Mozilla/4.0 (Windows 7 6.1) Java/1.7.0_09||0||ocsp.thawte.com




      - Looks like the Media Type is not detected, if passed through the Media Typ /Composite Opener the application requests is identified: "application/ocsp-response"

      - Authentication works fine


      Thanks for your input!