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    Dashboard questions


      I reset the dashboard 4-5 days ago to have a clean slate and I just have a couple of questions.



      1) Is there any way to verify the number of items being scanned by MSME? We have approx. 300 users here and 2.3 million emails in less than a week just seems like a lot. I can see the 10,000 spam, but that's a big number on the total. We are currently scanning incoming and internal incoming messages.



      2) The Anti-spam engine's update time seems to always be the time that I open up the MSME 7.6 dashboard. Does it update constantly if GTI (or Artemis or whatever) is turned on or is this a bug?



      Thanks for any help!

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          Not clear what the Version of Exchange is or what role or configuration - but standard functionality in MS VSAPI on a server hosting mail boxes would mean that items are stamped with an engine\dat version - next day when that item is touched again and new dats have been installed then that item will get scanned again. So it may be showing items that have also been rescanned.


          As for Spam engine  - 9309 is the latest engine and hasn't changed since release - if you mean the rules etc - these are constantly being updated by the McAfee AntiSpam Rules Updater Service.

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            1) Exchange 2003, both roles. That makes sense, thanks for clearing it up


            2) I mean in the third column where it shows the date and time it was last updated. It always seems to show the exact time that I open the MSME dashboard, it doesn't seem to be the last successful update time.

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              The interface when open takes the latest time the rules were updated from the HKLM\Software\McAfee\MSME\SystemState\ STRING - SpamRulesDate.

              This is updated by the McAfe AntiSpam Rules Service when it manages to get an update - this can be very very regularily.