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    White Screen Solution

      I spent the better part of 3 hours yesterday uninstalling McAfee (firewall would not stay turned on) and reinstalling McAfee only to get the Security Center loading as a white box after all was said and done. After reading many posts on the topic (I am Windows 7 64-bit SP1 fully up to date) on these forums, and trying several different things (including an uninstall of IE9), what worked was so simple I had to laugh.


      Hopefully it will help others: From the control panel, choose "Appearance and Personalization." Under the "Fonts" heading, select "Change Font Settings." Choose the button to restore default font settings.


      I didn't try this fix right off the bat because I've never messed with the font settings, so I didn't think that could be it. I was happy to see it solve my white screen. I literally had the white box open, and in another window did the font thing, and the result was almost instant.