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    EETech 6.2.1 in WinPE 3

      I am building updated WinPE's to include the new 6.2.1 EETech & EETech64 utilities. Previously, I have built the 32-bit utilities for versions 5.x and 6.1 without issue. This time, after following the directions (eepc_620_eetech_user_guide_en-us.pdf) I have been unsuccessful. I keep throwing an error on both versions (32 & 64-bit) that states:

      Error EE040001

      Endpoint Encryption device driver not present.


      The driver files are installed into System32\Drivers and the Registry Entries are present as indicated in the document. I have been through the document numerous times at this point and still am throwing this error. I have also run through comparisons of the differences between this and previous releases of the tool. I can't seem to discover where I am going wrong on this one.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue? I would love to be shown what I am doing wrong!