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    Remove Encryption


      Good afternoon.  A McAfee rep did a proof of concept here for Endpoint Encryption managed by ePO, setting up a test ePO server.  We're currently moving from SEP to McAfee endpoint stuffs, just deploying the MA and VSE at the moment. 


      One of the machines the rep installed the encryption software on was an admin's.  When I exported/applied the encryption policies from the test to the production server we deployed the new MA to the machine.  It sorted correctly, but the user was prompted to lock his computer at which point the McAfee encryption login displayed and the user was no longer able to log in (Error: No such user).  I redeployed the old MA at that point to hopefully fix the issue, and while the user is no longer prompted to lock his computer, he must do a machine recovery every time it reboots.


      Being here to deploy VSE and ePO, I was unprepared to work with endpoint encryption and would like to just decrypt and remove it altogether as it's currently not a requirement for the customer.  I've been unable to find instructions on how to do this.  We just changed the Endpoint Encryption 1.2.0 policy to decrypt and did an agent wakeup and are monitoring through the option given through the MA icon in the tray, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.


      Is there uninstallation documentation for EE 6.2, EEGO 1.0, and EE Agent 1.2?