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    White screen



      I bought and downloaded McAfee internet security via slim.nl but i have an problem.

      When i start up the internet security program it gives me a white sreen.

      I downloaded McAfee virtual technician but it says that er is no content from McAfee on my computer.


      Does anyone knows the problem or has an answer?


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          I assume you are using IE9? If you down grade back to IE8 it should work but this not what one feels the best way to work around this issue. What some users have found is that their system fonts are not standard this throws Mcafee out.

          read  https://community.mcafee.com/message/226523#226523


          Also maybe try

          Check the version of IE , if they are completely blank then proceed to below

          1. Open command prompt :
          2. type: regsvr32 jscript.dll and press enter
          3. Regsvr32 vbscript.dll and press enter

          And then reinstall Mcafee



          on 03/11/12 9:22:30 EDT AM
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            We had this problem on a new laptop running W7 SP1.


            The fix was found by Mcafee tech support with remote access. It invloved updating IE9 and updating JAVA. Then deleting Mcafee with the dowloadable uninstaller (as the white screen problem stops you unistalling through the controll panel) ad then reinstalling.


            I strongly suggest to those who have this problem to go via the phone tech support and to ignore the various fixes suggested online such as deleting and reinstalling fonts, fiddling with bios and deleting IE9.

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              Agreed though a reasonable number of users seem to have changed the default system fonts and that can cause this as well. Something to also consider but support first point of call

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                Hi Tim,

                As I had mentioned on my earlier threads here, Security center interface is dependent on Internet explorer & many of the display issues that are seen with the GUI would be rectified if we just tweak your IE settings.

                As the first step, try to run a windows update on your PC
                Then, run the scripts as mentioned on the earlier posts (above)
                If its still the same , depending on your operating system, try to degrade your Internet explorer - that should resolve the issue.

                If all fails - please follow the steps to uninstall & reinstall McAfee that should do it.