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    Logging file names, types and sizes for multiple embedded objects


      Say that you have a connection that is sending (or receiving) multiple embedded objects to (from) a remote server.


      Say that you want to log the file name, type and size for each of those objects.


      If you do Body.Filename, MediaType and Body.Size in the logging cycle alone, you won't get what you're looking for.


      So let's add a rule set that identifies the Embedded Objects based on specific criteria and then set some User-Defined propertie:


      User-Defined.BodyFilename = Body.Filename

      User-Defined.MediaType = MediaType (from signature/ensured)

      User-Defined.BodySize = Body.Size


      Now, when we reach the logging cycle we can log the three User-Defined values and we'll get what we're looking for unless there's more than one embedded object.


      What's the best solution for this situation?