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    Buffer OverFlow issue just cropped up


      Hi all,


      Two weeks ago I took the Microsoft updates, that are forced every few weeks from Microsoft, and since then I see that a box pops up shortly after boot up.  It pops up with a McAfee Alarm box stating a program is causing a Buffer Overflow.  What is that????  When I click on "more" it shows (IE) as one of the culprits and the other one is something I can't recall at this moment.  I forget what version of McAfee I have, but I bought it last January.  I believe it was Internet Security 2012... 


      Anyways, this overflow issue has my system slowing down my boot up to where I don't see my icons on my desktop.  Before I rebooted my McAfee advisor kept telling me that my system could be at rosk and i should run a Full Scan.  Well, now when I try to run the scan it keep turning itself off.  Also, turn off my Safe Search automatically too.  Its weird.  Could this be some virus? 


      My laptop is typically off, and I use it and turn it on maybe once every couple weeks.  I take all updates and I have never seen this issue before.  I swear it was after the last Microsoft updates were downloaded.  Right now I just need to be able to boot up to where I can see my icons again. 


      Any ideas? 

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          So, last weekend I went ahead and tried a Restore to a previous point to see if this would clear up my issue. I had to enter into SAFE MODE to make this happen. Anyways, it did work, however, a week later I noticed that my McAffe was trying to perform an update yesterday and in the midst of the update I could no longer get on to Firefox.  Basically, my system was telling me that my home page address was invalid or not available (yahoo)?  For some reason it shut off my wireless connection as well???  Very bizarre!!  Processor was at about 60%.  This basically made my system useless, as I needed to go to a fee DIY website for the project I was working on.


          So, I had to restart my laptop and when I started it back up, I am back to the same issue I had previoulsy.  When I go to log onto my Windows account, every time I enter my password, it kicks me back out to the prompt to enter my password again.  This time I tried entering through my wifes account and I was successful, but after a second or two the Buffer Overflow box popped up and my wireless connection is still shut down. Rebooting didn't help. 


          Any ideas?  Should I remove McAfee completely?  Very frustrating.....  I am coming to the end of my year of subscription, so I need to figure out which way to go. 



          Im running XP, with all the latesed Microsoft updates and service packs.  This seems to be a common problem, but nothing very recent on this forum about it. 


          Thanks in advanced for any help....

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            I'm sorry your posts were missed but unfortunately we volunteers can't get to everyone.  Is the problem still occurring?   Make sure everything is up to date and that with Windows Update you are using the option to update all components using Microsoft Update.  Also make sure that all your browser(s) are the latest and their add-ons are the latest.   For XP IE should be v.8, which McAfee uses regardless of your default browser settings.


            Buffer overflows are hard to pin down but are usually an OS problem rather than software-related.


            You might as a precaution run Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, both are linked in the last link in my signature.  With the latter make sure you do NOT accept the trial or you'll end up with the Pro version.


            If you want to really make sure things are OK run Hijackthis and post its log on one of the forums I suggest lower down in that link.


            That all said, apparently an update to McAfee is going out to patch one major buffer overflow detection caused by faulty Microsoft code.  It's like a preemptive strike before Microsoft get around to it I suppose.


            That may take a week or two to reach everyone.

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              Thanks Peter.  I understand you guys have a ton of people looking for your assistance.  I appreciate you getting back to me.  Seriously!


              Well last weekend I ended up restoring my laptop back to the same earlier date that worked before (3 weeks ago), and I was good.  This time I didn't let McAfee and Windows and Java update at the same time.  I Windows go first, then Mcafee, and then Java.  It seemed to help.  At least I was able to run a Microsoft Malware program and let Mcafee run a thorough virus scan.  These all came out clean.  For now I think I am OK, however, when I log off and try to log on, it just goes into this stiupid loop where it just kicks me out of the password screen.  Meaning, I have to reenter my password, but it doesn't tell me its wrong or anything like that.  Some weird bug because after another reboot I am good. 


              I agree, its porbably a McAfee & Microsoft bug of sort that will  get sorted out in the next monthly update(s).  I hope..



              We shall see how stable my system is this week.



              Thanks again....  John

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                Let's hope it's sorted out soon.  Good luck.

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                  Just try disabling the buffer overflow detection in Real Time Scanning Options and reboot.

                  This should resolve your issue.




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                    Hey Supp,


                    I finally got to disabling the Buffer Overflow, but that leads me to be a little worried.  I had to log on to my Wife's account, as for some reason everytime I tried logging on to my account, it would just bump me out of the password entry box.  Weird.... After I tured off the overflow protection, I was able to log onto my account on this laptop.  Once I was in, I turned the biffer overflow back on. 


                    As I mentioned before, when I got into her account the Bufflow Overflow popped up, with a direction leading to my Windows32/lsass.exe.   I read online that this is a program that Windows XP does not really need, but I am no expert on this. 


                    I do notice that upon booting up my system does take longer to finish loading stuff.  I sure hope this is going to crash my drive.  Glad I backed it up last week. 


                    Any ideas???

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                      I don't think the Buffer Overflow setting in Real-Time Scanning is the setting at fault here. I've had that one selected ever since I got McAfee and never saw a Buffer Overflow message until today. The culprit is most probably the Intrusion Prevention that suddenly appeared in SC 11.6, of which I was ignorant until yesterday. I turned it on and set to High as an experiment. And suddenly I see a Buffer Overflow pop-up. Not then, I think, a coincidence.


                      If I get any more I'll set the level down from High to Basic and monitor the situation.

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                        That is interesting.  I will be interested in seeing how this plays out.  Though, something new must be in the recent update code.  I have a handful of folks here at work that mentioned they have seen a similiar occurence on their home PC's as well.  As well, if you surf around the web, lots of people are having issues with this too.


                        As mentioned before, to get around this I had to restore to a point before updates from around early November, to get passed this.  Did McAfee UP their protection sniffing during that time? 


                        Both my kids PC's are fine, as I don't allow updates without my acknowlegment, as we are running similiar XP versions. 



                        Well, let's see how your experiment plays out. 

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                          I recall something was mentioned in one of the conference calls about Intrusion Protection. I thought this was being introduced in 12.1, then (perhaps still) a Beta product, so I didn't pay too much attention to the details. As I recall the code has been ported from the Enterprise version of McAfee, which is a very different beast from the Consumer version. We were asked to watch for this sort of thing, so now I can report back that the experiment has been only partially successful. Looks like Intrusion Protection in Consumer products is generating quite a lot of false positives.


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