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    spkrmonx.exe takes 50% of cpu and cannot kill it with McAfee

      Hello Gurus!!


      We have recently started using McAfee as our internet security engine (VSE version 8.8). On of our windows 2003 machine, strange things started happening where processes like winlogon.exe, spkrmonx.exe, mstsc.exe, wmplayer.exe etc consume atleast 50% of CPU and cannot even kill those pids even with process explorer.The only way out is to force a reboot on the machine. Even after the reboot, chances are one of the processes start pegging the cpu again.


      Did anyone run into this problem?


      This is so annoying.


      Please help.


      Thanks for your time.


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          do you really need a Driver for Sound on a Windows Server? Try at least to disable the spkrmonx.exe (SoundMAX Analog Devices) within "msconfig" and start over. Check also the other processes if they are legimitate processes as well as the spkrmonx.exe! If they are, try to build a analysis wether or not some of this processes are secure for adding in high/low risk acesspolicys or (and pls be absolutely sure in adding processes in this one) in the exclusion policy.


          You are able to open the Taskmanager. Add in "Processes" Tab the "I/O" columns and look for what "McShield" is doing. If there is a connection you should see a continous "reading I/O" as long as the mentioned executables are as high as stated.

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            Thanks Don for your reply. I understand that spkrmonx.exe may be an anamoly but the problem happens with a number of processes like mstsc.exe (terminal services), winlogon.exe, wmplayer.exe (windows media player), communicator.exe (Windows Media player) etc.. When these processes take high cpu, I see mcshield also taking cpu. I started to see this problem after we have installed McAfee and never had this problem before when we were using another antivirus software. It appears McAfee is blocking/locking these so called processes causing the system to go into a death spiral.


            Please let me know if you happen to hear of similar problems and the remedy for the same.