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    Deploying HIPS 7.0 client via SMS

      Does anyone here have any experience doing this? I can't seem to find complete instructions on it.

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          Currently also testing to deply HIPS with SMS 2003.

          First results are ok.

          Important is the Advertisment setting within SMS need to be set on 'Download program from distribution point'.
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            Thanks Beek! Please post results when complete. I will.

            • 3. Doing it here
              We're pushing HIPS 7 with patch 2 via SMS to remote users due to short loss of connectivity when HIPS is being deployed. For the local users we're using EPO.

              The way we did is

              1. Created a custom deployment package that copies the install files to the local box.
              2. Created a c:\program files\Mcafee\Host Intrusion Prevention\prefs folder and copy fireprefs.txt into it. Needed only if you want to have your firewall rules in place before the client connects to the EPO. This is a must for remote users.
              2. Create a run once key to deploy during user logon. We've tried doing it at system startup but could not get it to work correctly. The install takes less then 5 minutes.

              So far it's been working without a hitch for us.