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    scheduled scan not starting


      1) SecurityCenter was not starting my scheduled scan

      2) So I would try to run them with "Scan Your PC"

      3) Those scans would fail with a message "An Error Has Occurred", "An unexpected problem occurred during your scan."

      4) So I re-installed SecurityCenter

      5) The "Scan Your PC" did work fully (at least the first time I ran it).

      6) But the scheduled scan still does not start.  It was scheduled for 9am this morning, but the Next Scheduled Scan says 10:02am this morning (weird time)

      7) The scheduled scan has not started after more than 2 hours.

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          Interesting.  The scan did start about 4 hours and 10 minutes after my scheduled time at 8:00am (or 2 hours and 8 minutes after the weird 10:02am that Next Scheduled Scan said).

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            I have the same problem.  The scheduled scan did not start & when I did a manual scan I got the same error message.  I had uninstalled & reinstalled my software this morning & this is the result.  And this is after making 2 calls to the helpdesk.  The first was when I had to uninstall the software, the second was when the updates wouldn't install (which it did) & despite the fact that the customer service agent had remote access to my laptop & could see that the scan would not start, I was told everything was ok & the call was over!! 


            Anyway, sorry I can't give you any help.

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              Thankyou for responding- I now have it working- I first checked system services for scanning- set it at manual- then tried 3 times with Virtual Tech- set pc to scan at a time during day when I could see if it came on- behold it did- cannot figure out what happened it has scanned on time for 2 days- make sure that for at least 1 hour before the scan is scheduled you leave pc alone- this makes mine start on time- good luck-poodles5

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                Well, the scheduled scan did finish.


                So ultimately the solution was simply re-installing SecurityCenter.


                It got rid of the message: "An Error Has Occurred", "An unexpected problem occurred during your scan."


                And it is did initiate a scheduled scan on its own, even though the time was not what I expected.