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    Scan says zero Viruses & spyware detected in last scan, but Scan Report list a Trojan



      My Mcafee did a complete system scan and the results were " Your computer is secure"  and 0 Viruses and spyware detected. Yet when I clicked on " View Reports" it says:


      Items Detected


      Viruses: 0

      Trojans: 1

      Rookits: 0

      Tracking Cookies: 0

      Buffer Overflow: 0

      Potenially Unwanted Programs: 1



      I clicked on Navigation to see what this trojan was and if it was cleaned yet the  History and Logs - Scan information lists no files or Processes detected and no files quanantined.


      I checked my Quanantined files and it only list 2 files from Sept 12.


      I ran a completed system scan x2 and it takes several hours. My question is do I have a Trojan infection or does that View Reports on the Home Screen which shows Security Report list pass infections? Since if I did have a Trojan why did not my McAfee program take care of it and quanantine it? Why is it saying my computer is secure?