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    McAfee.com dir empty?

      OS XP

      Clicked on my McAfee Total Protection icon and got this msg: The item 'mcagent.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly.

      So I looked for the Mcagent.exe in C:\program files\Mcafee.com\agent\mcagent.exe,  But there is nothing in C:\Program files\Mcafee.com

      There's nothing in the Mcafee.com dir. Its an empty dir? How can I recover the missing info? Should I reinstall? Current install was online download.

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          Peter M

          The 2 main things that would wipe out McAfee directories are malware or registry cleaners.  The latter are notorious for doing that.


          Try running the Virtual Technician to see if it will fix it, although I doubt it will:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          If not uninstall via Control Panel/Add or Remove POrograms, then run MCPR cleanup listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.

          Reboot and then download again from your online account.


          Also might not be a bad idea to run Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, listed in the last link in my signature below.


          By the way I trust this is XP SP3?


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