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    Support request to recover encrypted data

      Hi to all,


      I need help to recover data from my pc.

      I have a Windows 7 pc where it installed McAfee Enpoint Encryption.

      Last Saturday my pc had a problem and ther MBR results now corrupted: when I power on my laptot I receive the error message 'Missing Operating System'.

      I've read a lot of info about how to try to recover data and I've read that it is necessary to have the 'techcode.exe' generator, in order to obtain the 'Daily Authorization Code'.

      Could you please show me where to find the 'Endpoint Encryption Tech Code Generator'? Is it sufficient to have this code and the WinPE v1 cd, in addiction to my token (i.e. email and access password) to decrypt the data in my Hard Drive?


      Thank you in advance for your support,



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