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    from epo 4.5 (2003srvr, sql expr) to epo 4.6 (2008 srv, sql 2008 stn)

      hi there;


      I would like to ask something. Ive epo 4.5 currently working without problems on 2003 stn srv with sql 2005 exp server.

      Now i had migrate it to 2008 stn server with external 2008 stn sql server. I was able to setup and configure on new server with Epo 4.6.4 there was no problem. all services and sql connections works as my tests.

      Did intalled and updates all my licensed mcafee products on epo. ( antivirus,site advisor,rouge det and interl. det.)

      Now i am ttying to hand over from old epo 4.5 to 4.6. i did follow that KB75841 knowlegde. my test clients was able to grant new servers agent settings. from about, agent setting, i can see new server name and ip address, also lookslike there is no problem with agent ID.

      but when i try to chech new policies from agent first it says Agent started performing ASCI then it says with red marker "agent failed to communicate with ePO Server", i was tried to check more detail from logs but same things shown there too.

      And i cant see my clients at System Tree.

      also i was tried to export master key from old Epo then import it to new Epo. Same...also iwas tried to register old server to new server then tried to import option from registered servers but it was now able to comminicate with old ones SQL EXP thats why i coulnt done that.

      If some one can help me would be so appreciated. More than 3 days allready i am tryin to done that:(

      Thanks from now on.