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    New McAfee SecurityCenter causing BSOD

      Hi all. For the last week, I had been experiencing blue-screen errors while playing flash based facebook games.

      After analysing the dump files it is caused by my display driver not working. However, after updating it to the latest version it did not srop the blue-screen.

      I also updated my flash player and chrome, but it did not help ether.



      Then I noticed the most recent thing that was installed on the computer was the lastest version of McAfee SecurityCenter, via the program's update.

      After I uninstalled the program the BSOD stopped happening (at least until now).



      I would like to report this problem and ask why this is happening, and hopfully you guys can find a way to fix this.


      Some system details:


      I'm currently running on Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1, 64-bit OS.
      Display card: ATI Mobility Redeon HD 5400 Series.
      Driver: atikmpag.sys


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          Peter M

          You say "New McAfee SecurityCenter" - do you mean the 12.1 version as in the picture below?   I thought this was only released in beta, is that what you have?


          If so you should join here and then I will move this thread there.


          If it is the beta one you should be filing a bug report, if somehow you have it on a retail setup then Technical Support is really your best avenue to troubleshoot this.


          They are linked under Useful Links at the top of this page and it is free by phone or online chat but please note:  they do NOT handle anything to do with beta software.




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            Ah. No no not this one...What I meant was the latest offical release via McAfee's automatic update.
            But since I had remove it I couldn't tell which version it actually was.
            I think the update was installed on the 21/10/2012.

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              Peter M

              21st?  There've been 10 updates since then so it's probably OK to allow an update.  A BSOD usually indicates that something was about to fail anyway, maybe graphics driver or memory or hardware failure but my suggestion for Technical Support would be your best route now.







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