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    Migrate agents from ePo 4.5 to 4.6



      I´m currently migrating VSE clients from an ePo 4.5 to a newer server, installed with 4.6

      As fare as i have read, i need to connect to the servers under each servers "Registrered servers", by first copying each server security key, så tey are able to communicate.

      Then i should be able to perform a migrate agent from one server to the other by the ePo server, and the i wouldn´t have to install new agents on all the client.


      I have exported the 1024bit key from 4.5 to the 4.6 server, no problem.

      But, when i export the key from 4.6 to the 4.5, it doesn´t recognize the key.

      I assume the problem is that that the 4.6 key is 2048bit, not 1024.

      I can se the 4.6 server has an 1024bit key, but uses the 2048bit as default.


      How do i export the 1024bit key from the 4.6, so i can import in on the 4.5, and then complete my agent migration.


      Please don´t get to technical, without some form for explanation.

      I have understanding of the ePo server, but not must in depth, so far it is mainly installation and basic configuration.

      This is mt first migration, so i hope, that the procedure i have startet, is the correct on, in migrating existing agents from an 4.5 to a newer 4.6 server.


      Hope som can help, this is the final step in an larger Infrastructure migration project.


      - Ralph