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    How to install Tools?

      Hello everyone!  I've recently taken over my companies ePO responsibilites and I have found some tools on this website that i want to use.  However, I haven't been able to find a good walkthrough on how to install them.  I downloaded the Zip file and attempted to install it through the extension sections.  However when i click OK to install it, the page simply refreshes with no warnings or anything and the tool is not listed.  We are use 4.5  Any help would be appriciated.  Thanks!

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          Are you talking about the products managedd by ePO like Virus scan enterprise? Please be more specific so that it will be easy for any one to help you. If my understanding is correct, then you need to check-in the point products in to ePO master repository (menu->software->Master repo->Check-in package) then create cleint task (deployment) to deploy it to client machines.




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            Thanks vriskchik.  Sorry for my vagueness.  I'm talking about the tools you can download from the McAfee Tool Exchange here in the community.   But regardless, You answered my question!  Thank you very much.