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    McAfee HIPS

      I am desperate for a solution to my problem. I currently have HIPS deployed to 4 test machines. I have been in Learn mode for about 2 weeks now, and updates the rules accordingly. Everything seems to be great on 3 of the machines. However, on the 4th machine, when the HIPS firewall is enabled, it will not logon to the domain. It hangs on "Applying Computer Settings" for 'eternity', or until you unplug the Ethernet and reboot. I have looked through the Logs and manually added rules to stop all the "Blocks" on this particular machine. Has anyone experienced this in the past, or have any extensive knowledge of the HIPS Firewall Client? Thanks in advance. This is kind of urgent because we are supposed to be deploying this to test Client machines and out of IT within the week.