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    spam advertising messages from mcafee internet security 2013 ...help



      I recently renewed my license mcafee internet security (italian version) and now, every day, mcafee spam me with advertising messages (see attachments)


      This is absurd, i installed an antivirus to prevent viruses, spam and other problems ... and surprise their antivirus fills me with spam on my pc


      I can not find any option to disable these intrusive messages... how to turn them off?



      when I play a videogame (ex world of warcraft) or use any other program these messages random appear and automatically force me to windows -_-   This is very stressful -_-



      I'm a customer mcafee for many years and this situation is irritating me a lot
      if you can not dissattivare these messages I would like a refund of the product




      my English is not very good, google translate help me in some cases