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    Blocking Google Chat on mail.google.com as well as Jabber client - XMPP


      I created a rule to block chatenabled.mail.google.com and talk.google.com...worked great.

      For testing, I created an alternate rule to block the entire IM category...worked great as well. (Thanks for your help, Community!!)


      However, the jabber google talk client is not being blocked.  I know there is a way to proxy/block XMPP traffic for these clients.  I found the setting under Configuration --> Proxies --> XMPP.  For the listener IP, is listed.  Do I just change the IP to the MWG appliance and will that automatically inspect/block the traffic or is there more to it? I'm guessing this will block all jabber clients...can you just specify the Google Talk one? Thanks for your help!