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    McAfee Antivirus Turning Off / Can't Access Internet

      I am very good in keeping my laptop in the best condition as possible, espeically with my security.  My subscription is in good standing and my antivirus scans are weekly.  Two days ago I logged in to my laptop.  It took forever to finish booting.  I waited for my laptop to connect to my home wirless connection.  I got a flag showing that I was connected, but I didn't have an internet connection.  I checked my wireless modem through my Xbox, iPhone, and my desktop computer.  Everything connected with no problems.  I reset my modem and laptop, but I got the same results.  Then I got a pop up window stating that McAfee was turned off.  I opened McAfee and click the "on" button to reactivate McAfee. Within a second of turning on McAfee, it turned back to "off".  I was able to get a scan through McAfee, but it found no spyware or viruses.  McAfee is not turning on and I don't have internet access, even through a hard wire connection.  Something is going on and I don't know what to do.  Any assistance would be great.