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    Conflict with recent "Total Protection" update.

      Hi All,

      I'm in need of your help/advice.

      There was a large updated on Friday to "Total Protection" (Security Center ver. 11.6, Virus Scan ver 15.6, Firewall ver. 12.6) that required a system re-boot after which, every time I re-start my PC I loose my display drivers and end up with the basic VGA driver default.


      If I turn off "Real-Time Scanning" (permanently) and re-install the driver and re-boot, everything is fine...  but turning it back on again, I end up with the same problem again on re-boot.


      I have tried re-installing McAfee from scratch (used Program add/remove and then ran McAfee removal tool) and removed/re-installed graphic drivers etc with no luck.


      Any ideas?


      P4 3.2Mhz

      Running XP32

      ATI Radaon HD 4670 AGP, Catalyst/Driver ver. 12-6

      (I know it's a sad setup but its been stable and does what it needs to for many years)


      Many thanks


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          You could try uninstalling and reinstalling your Catalyst software.  However, I find it very odd that McAfee would cause this.  That update was to bring the software in line with Windows 8 but it should not have effected XP compatability.


          Or try uninstalling McAfee via Control Panel, then running MCPR cleanup, listed under Useful Links at the top of this page, then reboot and reinstall from the online account.  That may clean up any possible corruption.


          Other than that all I can suggest is contact technical Support directly, also linked under Useful Links above.   It's free by phone or online chat.

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            Hi Ex_Brit,

            As mentioned in my orginal post, I tried the first two of your suggestions already....


            If I don't get any joy from this disscussion, I'll try your last suggestion and contact Tech Support directly.




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              Sorry, so you did.  The only other thing I can think of is either it doesn't like part of the software, in which case open SecurityCenter, click Navigation then scroll down to Quarantined and trusted items and open those sections by clicking on them and see if anything is in there that shouldn't be.   See if it can be restored if so.


              Or my other thought Firewall > Internet Connections for Programs - click program at top to rearrange them in alphabetical order then go down the list and make sure anything Catalyst is given full permission.






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                Morning Ex_Brit,


                I checked the Quarantine sections and there was nothing showing.  And in the "Internet Connections for Programs" - Catalyst has Full permissions.

                Is there any place to go and see what actions McAfee has taken recently (logs), other than the Security section in the Navigation area (which shows nothing)?





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                  Not that I know of.   There are more detailed logs but they're encrypted and only Tech Support can read them.  That would be your best bet I think, to contact them.

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                    Snap. I'm suffering the same since major S/W updates on 28th. New versions: SC 11.6.435, VS 15.6.231, PF 12.6.186, SA and QC&S 11.6.164.

                    Uninstalled McAfee (add/remove) then MCPR. Reinstalled graphics drivers. Display stable. A few restarts and still stable. Then installed McAfee fresh from my account. Rebooted and garbage display (640 x 480, 4 bit.). Settings couldn't be changed in Control Panel > Display > Settings.

                    Repeated above. Still bad display.

                    System restored to known good config. Display good and stable. Repeated above McAfee install and the display reverted to rubbish the first time rebooted after the install.


                    In amongst the above, I've also tried both on-board graphics and PCIe card. No difference.


                    This is a big ticket issue. Is this a repeat performance of the summer 2011 display issue?

                    XP SP3, geforce GT610 (PCIe) and geforce 7025 (on-board).


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                      You all need to open cases with Technical Support as I previously suggested.

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                        Hi All,


                        is it me??


                        I'm trying to go to the Services and Support pages, I click on the "Live Chat /Telephone Technical Support" icons... go through the "Country English" etc and just end up with a blank page with "Technical Support for home and Office"  in red as the title.


                        Not a good start for their "Award winning" support system.  Anyone got a phone number for their Technical Support help desk?





                        ps. Or did anyone else with this Graphics problem/conflict mentioned above get anywhere with them solving this problem?

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                          Scratch most of that... had to run Virtual technician again...


                          But if anyone has had luck fixing this problem please post here, as I will do the same if I get a positive result.





                          Update: After chating with Tech Support, there only suggestion so far was to totally de-install McAfee and not to re-install it....?


                          Ok, I have proven that McAfee has a conflict with the graphic drivers, if  "Real Time Scanning" is permently turned off the problem does not reappear, ever.  And that this problem first appeared after the update on Friday 26th, possibly a "false positive" issue with the new software.


                          I'll keep you posted.


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