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    Search.Certified Toolbar

      Yeah I have a virus.  When I start Firefox or IE, I start of certified.search toolbar search engine, which is a known redirect and malware.  However, my McAfee Antivirus scan does not show I have a virus.  I really need help getting my computer clean.

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          Peter M

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          First weapon to try is System Restore to before it landed on your machine, no doubt bundled witth something else you installed.


          Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools or Start/Run and type rstrui.exe and click OK or hit the Enter key, or in Vista/Windows 7 just type rstrui in the box above the Start button and then select it when it appears.


          It can also be started in Safe Mode if necessary.


          Second weapon would be to download and run Stinger and Malwarebytes, both listed in the last link in my signature below.   Read the notes there.


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            It's not a virus, it's an add-on that you don't want. You can uninstall it - see their website at http://www.certified-toolbar.com/eula.html


            1. General

            Certified-Toolbar provides Browser and Application add ons ("Add Ons") that enables users to receive website information, search and browsing enhancement. Add Ons may be syndicated by a Publisher that has contractually committed to: (1) abide by Certified-Toolbar's Terms of Service including strict privacy and safety policies and (2) to protect your rights as a user of the Software.

            Uninstall - You may uninstall the Software at any time and with no limitations, using the standard uninstall procedures as offered with your computer's Operating System or your Internet Browser. For example: To uninstall an Add Ons from your Internet Explorer do as follows: Open your computer's Control Panel then select "Add or Remove Programs", Find " Add Ons" in the list of installed applications and click on it, Click on the "Change/Remove" button. To uninstall an Add Ons from your Firefox browser do as follows: Open Firefox and click on the "Tools" menu, Select "Extensions", Find " Add On" in the list of installed extensions and click on it, Click on the "Uninstall" button. To uninstall an Add Ons from your Chrome browser do as follows: Open the Customize and control menu and browse to Extensions, in the Extensions menu folder scroll down to Applications, find " Add On" and click on “uninstall”.

            For other examples please refer to the standard uninstall procedures offered with your computer's Operating System or your Internet Browser. Should you require technical support please review our FAQ located at http://www. Certified-Toolbar.com/FAQ or contact Customer Support by email at support@ Certified-Toolbar.com.



            Kaspersky forums had one of these how-do-I posts. See this Kaspersky thread.


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