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    MSME 7.6 - Access Control


      Hi All,


      Does anyone know where reside the file that has all the User defined in the MSME Access Control ?


      I am doing an implementation of MSME in 220 Exchange Servers and I'd like to know if I just copy the file over the 220 Servers instead of type the users in every  Exchange server.


      Thank you.


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          The access control information stays in HKLM\McAfee\MSME\RPC\AccessControl. The information there is in binary format. If you want to copy the permission then just take an export of the RPC registry key. Open the file in notepad and remove all the entries except the AccessControl reg value and save the file. Import the modified reg file to the server where you want similar permission for the MSME console access. Please be cautious in removing the entries from the export registry file.