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    McAfee Web Gateway and Embedded media


      We are having an issue with accessing embedded media. Some of our employees use a media service which collects radio clips, news articles and video clips in one place.

      The issue is that the videos, which are played through an embedded Windows Media Player after logging into the site, are not loading.

      There is no Mcafee Web Gateway message popping up to indicate what error is causing this problem. 

      Has anyone experienced similar issues in the past?

      We have tried placing an exemption for this website at the top of our ruleset and it has no effect whatsoever on the loading of the videos.


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          Which version of MWG are you using? It looks like issue with streams, that are passing through antivirus.

          Please, if you have MWG >= 7.1.6, check that your policy contains "Skip on streaming media" rule in the "Gateway Antimalware" ruleset... If there is no such rule there, please add it from Rules Library.