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    Windows task manager starts-closes restarts, auto recovery not working, not responding in firefox

      Help!!, I'm a real toddler with a rifle as far as computers are concerned. I think i might have picked up a 'cold' from somewhere. I've been having some spurious problems with various messages. Windows task manager stopping and restarting. Hanging screens - greyed out web pages, firefox not responding, thunderbird not responding. Slow in use.

      These problems came about around the time of a big 'melt down' twixt BT/McCaffe/windows 7 update in September. My computer seemed ok but I had internet connection problems. These I resolved with BT. I dont know whether any of that related to a virus but Mc Caffe AV this month supposedly found and removed 11 trojans - what sort I dont know1 Reports tell me my computer is secure and I need take no action but problems persisted.

      This is what I did on my system (Windows 7 32bit):


      Ran a full AV scan

      Got rid of programmes I dont use - uninstalled Ad Aware, lizard tech and i tunes and performed basic maintenance. ran troubleshooter

      Defragmented my c drive

      Used Crap cleaner to clear out temp files, internet cache, cookies etc. cleaned registry with c Cleaner.

      Updated plug ins and drivers.

      Closed down computer,


      Problems remained.


      I Installed free version of malwarebytes - careful to uncheck box for trial paid version. Did a scan - 2 issues found. First,  Hijack.Shell. Gen....Registry value and second PUM.Bad.Proxy.. Registry value. I fixed these and rescanned with malwarebytes. No issues found.


      Problems still remain. Task manager just flagged up a window Windows task manager stopping - green line- Windows Task manager -restarting.


      What can I do now? System restore to an earlier Time or back up all docs. kill system and reinstall windows any ideas Ive run out of them. help gratefully received