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    Lots of problems

      I have been usingMcAfee for a few years now and never had problems..until now.I went from Internet security 2012 to 2013.It is a 3pc's account.So 1st i did my wife's computer like i do every year,i downloaded from the net..entered my activation code.it all went good.So then i uninstalled the one on my computer,and proceeded to download it to my computer.It all went ok.My wife's computer has a windows up-date on hers which required a re-start on her computer.From this point things got all messed up.When her computer started back up.she could no longer access the internet.Called the help desk,but not much help there..other than telling me to re-install from the internet.Which i did.same problem.back to help desk i went..when thru the help with reset winsock something..something..still no access to internet..was told to un-install..and install from disk.Did exactly as they said..Then i go to activate my code...it won't let me..tells me my password is not correct..but meanwhile i can access my account page with this password to no problem,So it says " must activate by a certain date" which i can't because my password doesn't take.but anaways same problem after re-boot..no internet access. ..so i finally gave up..downloaded a free trial of AVG..and no issues with her computer.But wait it doesn't end there...now on my account page.For this newer 2013 it is using my old code from 2012 and yet it s working on my computer just fine.I am at a loss what to do to get this working.Does any one have a solution to this.Thanks for any help 

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          You don't mention what the problem PC is running so can you post the operating system and service pack details, also what version of Internet Explorer is installed?  


          Uninstall everything via Control Panel.


          Download and run the MCPR cleanup tool, listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Reboot and reinstall from your online account or the CD if this is a new suite you bought retail.


          Customer Service (also linked under Useful Links) can sort out any licensing issues for you free of charge.

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            It is windows Xp home edition version 5.1.2600,service pack 3 build 2600.Internet exploer 8

            The problem with the re-install,is that it doesn't accept my password.but it accepts my password to log in my account page.and i said i cannot activate Mcafee on her computer without that password  working.

            Also i noticed that on my computer if i download a file and right clcik on it to scan for a virus.I scans all of windows instead.is there a fix for that.Thank you for your help

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              Call Customer Service, or use their Online Chat.   It's linked under Useful Links at the top of this page and is free.