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    Windows 7 versus ALL AV products?


      A long time ago, Microsoft published this KB article,





      We didn't deploy it, deciding to wait on the next service pack, but now, it seems Service Pack 2 for Win7 is not happening..


      http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-Cancels-Windows-7-Service-Pack-2-301719 .shtml




      So, with this in mind, should be get this hotfix and broadly deploy it?


      Does Mcafee have a recommended course of action?


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          I was wondering about this also.  I noticed that I already have a superseding update installed (KB2739159).  You may want to check if you are in a similar situation.  There is also a newer hotfix for freezes under heavy file I/O load, KB2740374, which you may want to test, considering that full antivirus scans generate heavy file I/O load.