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    Transfer systems from one epo to another


      Just need to clarify a few steps:


      I dont want to use KB66616 as im trying to clean up a few things


      Ive built a new epo server which i want to transfer systems from an old system  to the new epo.

      One thing ive done is ive chaged the ports on the new server ( will this impact machines) or do i need to keep the same ports as the old server?


      I then download and check in software into the new epo server, so that both epo's are running identical packages checked in.

      I then register the new epo server with the old epo server.

      Export system tree from old and check-in to new server.

      I transfer policies and tasks accross to the new server.

      Then start the transfer of the systems to the new server, just concerned if the ports are change will this work?


      Is there anything I might be missing?

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          I think you should be fine - because you're using the transfer systems function, the current server should be able to tell the agents the correct port to use on the new server.

          I would suggest testing with one machine before you do the main move, just to make sure it all works smoothly. Remember that the agent transfer takes at least two agent-to-server communications, so it can take a while to happen depending on the interval that your agents are using.


          One other thing which you may have covered already - make sure that the new server is using the same version for the extensions, as well as the same versions of the install packages.


          HTH -